Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Genesis 1:4

1:4 And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.

God saw both the Physical light and the Spiritual light of the Messiah.....and it was all good. The Spirit of the Messiah was life giving and generated life in the universe. Just as Jesus gives us spiritual life He gives real life to all that His Light touches.

His light filled the "Void" of the "Deep" and brought forth real life. God saw it and knew it was good for the universe. God separated life from Death. Light from Darkness. The Messiah from the Angel of Death.

On account of the Darkness, Light had to be revealed. This is why Light follows Darkness. Day follows Night.

© 2009 Roy Blizzard III


  1. I received this comment via email, so I'm posting it here so you readers can follow along. Roy3

    So, what kind of feed back do you want? Are you going to go through the
    bible from beginning to end or just whatever strikes your fancy?

    I thought your blog was interesting. However, I have a very weird way of
    thinking. Not that I don't believe as I was raised but just a little
    different twist to things...Like, can you imagine being Jesus' sibling?
    What do you think they wanted to say to Mary and Joseph..."You like him
    best." "He never does anything wrong.", etc...

    I recently decided to read through the bible, from beginning to end
    (chronologically). I have several questions, but I will just present one of
    As you have stated, in Beginning God created...the heavens and the
    earth...where is the "heavens and the earth"? I know the "earth" is His
    foot stool; however, does that mean that there was God (in Trinity) and
    nothing but a "void". Obviously there is now a "heaven and an earth", plus
    God (in Trinity)...
    Just my warped mind at work...

    Would love to hear your answer...


  2. I welcome all your comments as we have all thought "strange" thoughts now and then. I've often thought I'd like to know what Jesus kin thought too so that isn't odd, just normal.
    The Heavens and the Earth in Gen 1:1 were in God's mind. He hadn't spoken so how would it have existed. If you see verse 2 we read that it had no form and it was "devoid" meaning there wasn't anything there. After God speaks and a heaven and an earth are created, then in Hebrew you have several different concepts dealing with the same word Heaven and the same word Earth. Heaven could be the realm of God or it could be just anywhere above the Dirt of the earth. The Jews even had several realms of Heavens as we see in Paul's story where he is relating a story about a man (possibly Paul Himself)taken to the third heaven. The 1st heaven was where the clouds form, the 2nd was where the stars etc are, and the 3rd heaven is the Spiritual realm where God rules.
    A footstool is a common expression that indicates Lordship over something being it enemies or God's creation.
    The belief in "Trinity" is a common belief now and has been argues for centuries. However, the Jewish belief is this, "There is only one God, and His name is YHWH - commonly pronounced Yahweh or mispronounced as Jehovah. The Trinity theory was proposed by Athenasious in about the 3rd century because the way the Jews perceived God was perplexing to the Greeks. The Jews believed that God was one. The Messiah and the Holy Spirit were a part of God, but different Aspects of his Nature. Just as you have a mothering nature and a disciplining nature when needed so too God has different Natures that manifest themselves when God Deems it. Jesus is all God, but not all the God that there is. He is the Salvation of God made flesh that is creative and life giving in nature. The Holy Spirit is empowering and revealing in nature and seeks to instill in God's creation knowledge of the creator and how to be intimately associated with Him.
    Before God Spoke, all there was was God and His realm. What was in that real we only have glimpses into from stories written down mostly from Isaiah, Ezekiel, etc. We know there are Messengers-Angels and God is there and so was Jesus and the Holy Spirit, but all of God's many Parts of His Totality of What He is was there. We just don't know what to call all of them. Remember, God is not in "box", He is the creator of all and we have a very difficult time comprehending all that God is unless He is brought down to our level by "reducing" His Glory and Grandeur to something we can try to hold in our hands.
    Thanks for asking. I hope this answer helps.

  3. Interesting Roy - You have my curiosity peaked, I will go back & review this passage a little more.
    Cole Crouse