Sunday, August 23, 2009

Genesis 1:6

1:6 And God said, "Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters. KJV

God speaks again with a purpose and a firmament or expanse appears which divides waters.

What is an expanse? Something which is pulled apart and divided could be classified as could what we call the sky or the heavens above. Why did God separate the waters into two places. I can see where God did this for our protection as water vapor is well suited for us to live in as it serves as a protection against many forces which could be detrimental, ie; sunlight, radiation, heat, etc. And by separating the waters it provided a space or expanse for us to live in.

An interesting tidbit about water is that it can exist in three forms but still be water-H2O. Steam is the gas form, water the liquid form and ice the solid form. And when Ice is melting, it exists in three forms simultaneously. Sort of like we see God, existing in different forms at the same time.

Scientifically, when the waters are separated this would equate to the time when the Troposphere is separated and the cloud layers begin to form into the Stratosphere, Mesosphere and Ionosphere.

Psalms 148

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  1. I'm again posting questions from readers I have received. Roy

    Okay, just one more question for tonight...
    How old do you think the earth is?


    Natalie, You are asking a very good question. One that has been argued for generations. I will tell you what I know and then you can decide for yourself.
    According to the latest scientific discoveries, the Earth is approximately 4.6 Billion years old. They have arrived at this date from a multiplicity of methods.
    They have analyzed the rocks and through various dating methods have arrived at this date.
    They have analyzed the moon and found it has been blown off from the Earth and is removing itself farther from the Earth every year. By analyzing the distance and going backwards in time, they arrive at approximately 3.3 billion years when it was blown off the Earth into space, probably by the very same celestial body that delivered the Earth's Iron core to us.
    The astrophysicists measure the distances of the celestial bodies and the rates of light traveling etc etc and they have arrived at virtually the same time.
    There is hardly the time and space in this blog for a full and adequate discussion on all the factors that have been found that show the Earth to be old. While there are many in the Church that believe in a young earth, approximately 5-6,000 years old, these theories stem from several areas.
    First the Jewish calendar begins 5,761 years ago according to all the genealogies done in the Bible by the Jews. Problem is in the generational calculations that were wrong or left out or changed.
    Then you had Bishop Ussher dating the creation of the world to 4004 BC. Sir James Lightfoot improves that calculation to 9 AM Oct 3, 4004 BC. Both are terribly flawed, but this started the "christian" movement of a young Earth to combat the Darwinists, who were also horribly wrong.
    Now we have every nut job imaginable out there arguing this or that about the Bible and they have absolutely no idea of what it even says, and they can't understand the scientists who are believers and what they are trying to say.
    I will tell you I believe that the Earth is very old and that however the Earth was created, that God had a hand in it. I haven't found any evidence that is credible of a young Earth, and I don't know what the big deal is that makes a man feel somehow less of a man of faith to believe in an old Earth that agrees with what the Bible says in Hebrew and the best of what science says happened.

  2. good stuff Roy, good stuff. thanks for making me think.

  3. My belief is as yours. I can imagine an earth born from Celestial matter as current new planets are being born. In the beginning God created~
    What He created is "Universe" which because of the way it was created is continuing to pro-create forever. God didn't have to make a new man each time to make mankind.

    Thank you Roy for the study and release of these inspired explanations.

    God be with you everyway.