Sunday, August 16, 2009


Why are so many people in an utter state of confusion in the religious world? It is because hardly anyone out there in the religious community knows the languages that the religious books were written it. Not only that, but few people know anything at all of the surrounding field such as archeology, paleontology, linguistics, geology, geography, etc. However, most pastors have an answer for everything, while knowing exactly nothing about what they are talking about. I will attempt to help people navigate through all this BS that is out there in my blogs. Maybe some of you are out of churches or synagogues because the leaders were abusive, stupid, angry, exploitative, etc or all of the above. WE can be the church/synagogue without walls!

© 2009 Roy Blizzard III


  1. So question...How would you recommend we as the Church begin to straighten this mess out? I am so tired of waiting around & trying to meet with Pastors or other leaders as I have & share this knowledge with them. But it seems all they want to do is play around. I think its time for some of us who have taken the initiative to study these areas & begin teaching others, who would listen, to help build them up.
    BUT, I would like to hear some suggestions from you on how someone could begin to build people up into becoming the "Edah."
    To start bringing people together & become a community as we are supposed to be...
    Cole Crouse

  2. Hi Cole, 1st thing I would do is just bypass the "leadership" and find those who truly want truth. Most are sheep and few are shepherds. That means you have all the guilt on you for wanting something for those who don't have. I too am tired of it and that is why I have started this Blog, for those across the world who do want it but can't get their pastors to lead anywhere except to destruction. The Jesus movement in the 60's was close, they preached the Love of Jesus. Then Doctrine got in the way and corrupted that which was childlike and pure. We don't all have to know everything, but we do have to know God's love, and that is what is being corrupted. How you express Edah is up to you.

  3. Wow! Can you say BS & stupid in a blog about the "church"? Ha! Since leaving the "institutional church", (for the above stated reasons) after about 50 years and 4 years of Bible College, I realized a lot of what I had been following was "traditions of men". which according to Yeshua (Mark 7:6-8), we are in the habit of substituting for the commandments of God. About that time, I was introduced to the study of Hebrew. (Jeff Benner's books have been extremely helpful and enlightening.) It was like someone turned the light on a book I have been studying my entire life. I am astounded at how much we miss by just reading translations rather than the original language. About the same time I started running into people who are setting aside the traditions (much to the horror of some family members) and returning to the commandments. Incidentally, a cursory study of history reveals that most "protestant" traditions were really instituted by the Catholic Church. Although many of us are no longer in the "seeker friendly institution", I believe if one is born again they are in the true congregation (which began with the children of Israel in the wilderness).