Sunday, August 16, 2009

Genesis 1:1

1:1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. King James

If we are going to understand the Bible we need to understand several things about this verse from the very beginning of all of our studies or we will be far askew. First of all the verse in Hebrew does not say, "in the beginning". In Hebrew it says, "In Beginning, God.....". There is a big difference. As soon as one says in the beginning, time begins because you are saying that, "in the start of something either in time or place or action". However, in Hebrew, "In Beginning" assumes no time format. It just means that in beginning of what ever and when ever something occurred. It is a simple statement that assumes that whatever will follow in the sentence will help to explain this, "In Beginning." You have to keep in mind that Hebrew does not have Tenses like we have in English, it has "Aspects". While the convention has been to "translate" a "simple past" Hebrew word into a time frame for English speakers, when you say "God Created", you actually are meaning that at some point in the past God started creating and it is still going on unless some statement follows that says it has stopped, which it has not. The Bible simply stated that God "rested" not stopped creating. He creates anew numerous times later on even until today.

You also have nothing to mark time by since nothing has been created which can mark it. Later in Genesis it states that the sun and the moon were for the marking of time, but they are not here yet. So as the movie title suggests, this is the day that time stood still. It was ready to go, but had nowhere to go. Potential Energy.

The word"created" in Hebrew is a word that is "searching" for something to attach onto. It is not static. It is not an empty creation, it is full of potential for life and power and here it attaches onto the words heavens and earth. In Jewish thought, is was believed that in verse 1 the heavens and the earth that were created were the Ideas and Plans for that heavens and earth that were in Gods mind. You see God had not spoken so nothing had come into being except that which was in Gods mind. The totality of all that is was created in the mind of God and was actively searching for the opportunity to explode forth in power and creativity.

By beginning with the creation of the natural world, the Bible is stating that man is not privy to the secret knowledge of God. We must see the eminence of God through the created world first.

As shown in Isaiah 40, God is the source of all Power. There is no battle going on between good and evil as in all other creation narratives in all other cultures. Elohim is it.

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